The Art of the Dinner Party

Happy Monday evening all! So, I am often a bit behind in my NYTimes Magazines as I like to get through a good bit of the main Sunday Times before diving into that section, and it's one you can pop back into later on and not necessarily be behind in world events. PS. I don't... Continue Reading →


Mushrooms and Minis. Week 11.

Happy Wednesday all! I'm being better this week with a second post on the heels of my super late Week 10 post. But don't get used to this cadence...given my track record it will be a rarity :-). I hope everyone is enjoying fall although for people in other locations you may already be looking... Continue Reading →

Afri-Caden. Week 10!

Wow...I am WAY behind. I shouldn't be surprised that my readership is, well, limited if I'm being modest. Oops. I guess I shouldn't quit my day job just yet :-). At any rate, I didn't want to skip a post just because I was behind a week, and you get two guaranteed food-heavy posts... Continue Reading →

Fall-icious! Week 9.

Happy Wednesday all! It was starting to feel like fall in SF last week but this week it warmed up significantly (looks like may start cooling down again tomorrow). As much as I love the good ole Indian Summer, I do LOVE fall. I think my years of living in Burlington, VT gave me such... Continue Reading →

Pesto, Pasta, Puppy. Week 8.

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hopefully the first half of the week has been good for everyone. Here in the Bay we are happy to see containment of the fires and a move towards the end of these, hopefully. I spent the majority of the weekend up north volunteering, mostly at one of the Large Animal Evac... Continue Reading →

Aloha / Absent.

Aloha loyal readers! I am currently in beautiful Maui for work (hard life, I know) so my post today is not recapping the Week 7 The Mondays as I have been island-side since last Wednesday evening so this week was the first official skip week. Sad. But not really, I'm in Hawaii...sorry, not sorry. :-)... Continue Reading →

Cheater, Cheater, Week 6 Eater.

Good Morning friends! It's beautiful and sunny (for now) in San Francisco and I finally don't feel like a zombie (my whole team had a serious case of The Mondays earlier this week). So I had all intention of cooking Monday night from my new, amazing cookbook, The Love and Lemons Cookbook that arrived late... Continue Reading →

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