Cheater, Cheater, Week 6 Eater.

Good Morning friends! It's beautiful and sunny (for now) in San Francisco and I finally don't feel like a zombie (my whole team had a serious case of The Mondays earlier this week). So I had all intention of cooking Monday night from my new, amazing cookbook, The Love and Lemons Cookbook that arrived late... Continue Reading →


All That Glitters..

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone enjoyed the shortened week. Weather finally evened out in SF, although not quite Indian Summer, but given all that's going on with weather in other places, I have zero complaints! As a formal Florida resident with many college friends still residing there, fingers crossed that Irma makes a turn. Onto... Continue Reading →

Labor Day + Dog Day = Week 4!

Helloooo readers & friends (well, really all my readers I consider my friends for supporting me here!). I hope everyone got to enjoy the nice long weekend. If any of you are also San Franciscans, I hope you didn't melt. Talk about Indian Summer! Holy cannoli, it was 102 degrees IN THE CITY on Saturday.... Continue Reading →

Animals and Meditation. Week 3.

Happy Wednesday all! Sorry for the delayed post...I had all intention of doing it yesterday than work got in the way (the nerve) and then Caroline got induced last night so I made a visit to see her before $h*! got real. So, I'd say a worthy reason for the delay. Oh and the exciting... Continue Reading →


Well hello there! Hope everyone's having a nice hump day...we're closer to the weekend than farther, yahoo! Little fact about me. I grew up in a family that loved mum cooked pretty much every night and we usually had leftovers and often had fun meals of a "buffet" of leftovers that you got to... Continue Reading →

Enjoy the Moment! Week 2.

Happy Tuesday people! I hope everyone took some time yesterday to go outside and check out the solar eclipse. San Fran had a pretty solid viewing...roughly 75% covered and Karl actually gave us a few moments to see the magic of it. Originally I thought that I wasn't going to be able to host The... Continue Reading →

The Debut!

Mondays have officially changed and improved in my world! Monday night the first ever The Mondays Dinner Club debuted and did not disappoint. I'm so excited for not just how the first attempt came out, but the anticiption of this becoming a weekly, standing event. I went to sleep feeling totally full...full of good food... Continue Reading →

Prep School

Happy Friday folks! I'm not sure what you all are up to, but after a few quick AM conference calls, I have the rest of the day off (amen Summer Fridays!) which I'm pretty thrilled about. Once I finish this post I'll be lacing up my hiking boots and getting a little QT with Mother... Continue Reading →

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